Abna My Care : 5000.   Abna Healthvel Premium : 20000.   Abna Deluxe Package : 30000.   Abna offers travel to: Abna Deluxe Combo Package : 45000.

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About Us

About Abna Care

Abna Care, the first of its kind premium healthcare provider designed to achieve excellence in healthcare. With more than two years of expertise in the travel industry, Abna collaborates with the finest medical organizations to improve people’s health and quality of life with safe travel. As your health partner, we take care of all of your travel needs to medical facilities, wellness centers, lab clinics, and yoga centers, and tourism destinations. In the instance of a travel health emergency, our primary relation executive will provide a full spectrum of comprehensive medical care and attention focusing on the individual’s needs. Abna makes healthcare even more accessible with online application options. Finally, we are here about to embark on a new journey for and with you

What sets Abna apart?

Abna Relation executive

Relation executives at Abna are skilled and experienced in providing care and support to every individual regardless of age, disabilities, and gender. The caregiver took the individual with the utmost care from their homes to the hospital with our customized vehicle.

Stress less Travel

Offering high-quality travel support for individuals and their families, getting rid of concerns about handling hospital visits, and disclosing your credential data because we at Abna get in touch with the varied transportation providers along with lodging and dining establishments.

Travel care portal app

Our app tracks the care vehicles where the individuals are right now. It facilitates communication between the traveling person’s family and the caregivers to make the travel comfortable and easier.

Fast track appointments for patients

As a result of direct contact with medical facilities, Abna expeditiously schedules  doctor  and hospital visit appointments for individuals in accordance with the people’s health.