Abna My Care : 5000.   Abna Healthvel Premium : 20000.   Abna Deluxe Package : 30000.   Abna offers travel to: Abna Deluxe Combo Package : 45000.

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Abna Care, the first of its kind premium healthcare provider designed to achieve excellence in healthcare

About Abna Care

Abna Care, the first of its kind premium healthcare provider designed to achieve excellence in healthcare. With more than two years of expertise in the travel industry, Abna collaborates with the finest medical organizations to improve people’s health and quality of life with safe travel. As your health partner, we take care of all of your travel needs to medical facilities, wellness centers, lab clinics, and yoga centers, and tourism destinations. In the instance of a travel health emergency, our primary relation executive will provide a full spectrum of comprehensive medical care and attention focusing on the individual’s needs. Abna makes healthcare even more accessible with online application options. Finally, we are here about to embark on a new journey for and with you.


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Medicine @ home
Abna delivers the medical needs as per your prescription details collected via online.
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Abna Healthvel package
Abna healthvel is a premium travel care package that covers a plethora of services
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A plethora of services with advanced technologies for happy and healthy living.

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